Pine-straw installation winder, Ga

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Fresh mulch or pine-straw is a great way to enhance your landscape beds. Are you thinking of selling your home? New mulch or pine-straw will give your property fantastic curb appeal!

Mulch installation winder, Ga

Service Features

Pine straw and mulch improves soil in several ways. It insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures and conserves soil moisture by reducing evaporation. Keeping your ground cover at the proper depth prevents erosion. This layer protects the soil from wind and rain. Pine needles interlock and hold together under harsh conditions and work great for hills and slops. By reducing the impact of rain on the surface of the soil this prevents soil compaction. If you have acid-loving plants like azaleas or roses, pine straw creates a chemically balanced soil to ensure that these plants thrive. Although there is little direct nutrient value in pine straw, it does release organic matter as it breaks down. This improves soil texture by encouraging beneficial micro-organisms and allowing air to infiltrate the soil.

There are several colors of mulch to choose from black, brown, red, and Natural. We only use premium long needle pine straw for all of our installations.

Pine-straw install winder, Ga
Mulch winder, GA

Mulch and Pine Straw

  • It offers a natural and sustainable method of mulching yards and gardens.
  • Pine needle straw mulch improves the soil.
    • The mulch conserves soil moisture because it reduces daily evaporation.
    • It insulates the roots of your plants to prevent extreme changes in temperature.
    • There are erosion-protection benefits when using pine needle straw mulch.
    • It prevents soil compaction by reducing the impact of precipitation from the surface.
  • It offers a low-maintenance option for care.
  • Weed control improves when using pine needle straw mulch.
  • It provides an attractive visual appeal to your lawn or garden.
  • It offers a lower carbon footprint than other mulch products. 
Mulch installation winder, Ga

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