Pruning Bushes Winder, Ga

Does the dread of bush pruning and sculpting keep your home from looking its best? The fear of killing off next year’s flowers or stunting your plant’s growth may keep your bushes from looking their healthiest. You may have the urge to hack away the bushy green devouring your walkway or the hydrangea shrouding your windows. However, with understanding how your plants respond to pruning, your fears and overgrowth are a well placed cut away. 

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Pruning Bushes Winder, GA

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Professional bush pruning and sculpting begins with using the proper tools for the job to obtain surgical precision. At Quiett Scapes, we always start with clean and sharp tools in order to have that straight and clean cut you look for in a perfect trim. We begin by pruning away any dead or damaged branches to give the new and live growth a chance to bloom.

If not well tended to, bushes can become overgrown and an entangled mess. The rule of thumb is to prune plants that flower in the spring or early summer when they are done flowering. In the same fashion, plants that bloom in the fall or late summer should be pruned in early spring before new growth. Pruning bushes regularly during the right season is key to keeping them healthy and tidy.

Having your bushes sculpted professionally will keep your hedges and plants looking fuller and healthier with every season of bloom.

Renewal Pruning Winder, Ga

Benefits of Renewal Pruning

Renewal pruning benefits begin with trimming from the inside out. Much like seasonal pruning, we remove the broken and dead branches but also some of the oldest limbs. Pruning bushes this way allows for sunlight and air to reach previously unexposed branches. 

Long term benefits:

  • Reduce the plants size and shape without defoliating the bush
  • Create a denser shrub with the plant’s new interior growth
  • Removal of limbs with disease or pests 
  • The increased air flow allows the plant to dry quickly 
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