Turf Care

Lawn treatment

Quiett Scapes designs a Turf care program acording to your lawns spacific needs. Everyone wants a healthy green luscious lawn. Our Certified technicians our here to help you achive you goals. Turf grass gets nutrients from the soil and they often need a little help during the growing season.  Fertilizer can help your lawn stay healthy, encourage leaf and root growth. Our turf care programs will produce thicker a lawn. In time this will reduce troublesome weeds, and aid in recovering lawns from numerous activities. Having trouple with pesky weeds? We have a solution to eleminate any weed from your turf to reclaim its beauty. Areateting is another great way to help achive a thicker lawn.

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Lawn treatment

Lawn Treatment (IPM) Programs

We have a Turf Care program for all size landscapes. Here at Quiett Scapes we take the time to evaluate your property. Pulling soil samples and having UGA scientist evaluate the samples will ensure we get your lawn on the right track. Then applying a ganular or liquid application to provide the nutrients your lawn needs. our fertilizer programs include:

  • Nitrogen promotes rapid growth, leaf development, chlorophyll formation and protein synthesis.
  • Phosphorus plays a key role in early root growth, hastens maturity, stimulates blooming and aids seed formation.
  • Potassium increases resistance to drought and disease and also plays a part in root growth as well as in stem development.

We offer Turf care programs to manage weeds in turf grass and landscape beds. Weither you need a selective or non selcetive herbicide we have a solution for your landscapes needs. Protect your lawn from diseases with a preventative turf care program. You can also add and pest program to help manage pesky insects in your landscape. Pest and desises in the soil can damage turf or even worse kill the entire lawn.

Our Service Programs

After properly diagnosing you soil and turf types needs we can design a turf care program for your lawn. We offer serveral types of lawn treatments depending on your landscapes needs. Here are the applications and services we offer

  • Soil Test to evaluate soil conditions
  • Pre and Post Emergants Weed prevention
  • Selective herbiceide weed managment
  • Non-slective herbiceide application
  • Fertilizer to encourage leaf and root development
  • Lime Treatment
  • Turf Disease Management
  • Turf Pest Managment
Turf Care
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